Phantom Poetry

Hello fellow Phans! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog, and for that I apologize. Intellectual and creative pursuits have had me quite busy. I’m sure Erik would understand. *wink* I recently wrote a couple of Phantom-inspired poems and thought I’d share them with y’all. You can also find them on…… Continue reading Phantom Poetry

Phiction Spotlight: Disfigured

This Phiction Spotlight is long overdue, and I want to start off by thanking the author of the book featured in this spotlight (as well as you, my blog readers) for her (and your) patience. Penned by Wendy Coles-LittlePage, Disfigured, is now another one of my all-time favorite POTO reads. A gothic romance, to be sure,…… Continue reading Phiction Spotlight: Disfigured

National I Want You to Be Happy Day: As Illuminated by the Phantom

Today is National I Want You to Be Happy Day, and I thought it would be interesting to explore how this day applies to the Phantom of the Opera. While I Want You to Be Happy Day is a modern national day that is supposed be celebrated by simply showing acts of kindness that make…… Continue reading National I Want You to Be Happy Day: As Illuminated by the Phantom

Phiction Spotlight: Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes: The Omnibus Edition

For those Phans like myself who crave more after reading Gaston Leroux’s original novel, The Phantom of the Opera, there’s Sharon E. Cathcart’s novels. Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes: The Omnibus Edition is actually a compilation of two novels and a collection of short stories. If purchased separately, they consist of the following: In the Eye of the…… Continue reading Phiction Spotlight: Seen Through the Phantom’s Eyes: The Omnibus Edition

Phiction Spotlight: Redemption of Shadows

After much prompting from fellow Phans, I finally got around to reading Redemption of Shadows. Since I’d heard nothing but good things about this book from fellow Phans, I was quite excited to read it. Redemption of Shadows: A New Tale of the Phantom of the Opera As usual, my phriends were right! This book didn’t…… Continue reading Phiction Spotlight: Redemption of Shadows

Phiction Spotlight: Chanson de l’Ange

As many of you know, I’m currently in the process of catching up on all the wonderful phiction out there, reading everything I can get my hands on pertaining to Phantom of the Opera. I’ve read plenty of notable works so far and thought I’d start taking time out every so often to feature some…… Continue reading Phiction Spotlight: Chanson de l’Ange

The Phantom’s Birthday

Those Phans who have delved deeper into the tale of The Phantom of the Opera by reading Gaston Leroux’s original novel, Susan Kay’s retelling or countless other retellings have probably discovered the fact that Erik, the infamous Phantom of the Opera, never knew his birthday. Although he had a general idea of his age, he never…… Continue reading The Phantom’s Birthday